Can I make a repeat booking?

Repeat bookings are a feature we're working to include in the near future! You can currently book as many lessons you want within a six week period to ensure continuity in our pupils' musical education with a helpful prompt to book further lessons for another time.

Should I always book lessons with the same Mentor?

We encourage that you stick with your Mentor to provide continuity throughout your musical education but if, for any reason, you're tempted by another Mentor go ahead and book! Lesson progress can be shared between Mentors (like a doctor would share medical records with your new doctor) 

I want to rebook but my mentor doesn't have availability

We understand the importance of continuity. Therefore we have a system in place which allows our mentors to share the progress made by their pupils with each other when necessary and plan lessons accordingly.

We also understand that staying with the same Mentor throughout your musical studies is important and we therefore recommend lessons to be booked, as early as possible, up to 6 weeks in advance.

If you are still struggling with maintaining lessons with a single Mentor don't hesitate to contact us at AskUs@PenguinSoundtracks.com or fill out our contact form here - we'll see what we can do to make your lessons happen!

Book a lesson here!

I can't use an element on the website. Help?

If you find that either the booking system, online store or contact forms are not working on the website there could be one of 3 reasons. The most likely issue is the website and your internet browser (Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Edge etc.) have become confused with each other. To remedy this simply restart the browser and give it another try.

If this has not fixed the issue then the problem could be on our end. Either we're undergoing routine maintenance, which we will contact you about well in advance, or our service provider is experiencing technical issues which we will be resolved as quickly as humanly possible.

Impairment of our website WILL NOT effect previously booked lessons or previously purchased merchandise.

Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to keep updated on our status and for useful information regarding Penguin Instrumentors and your music lessons.

Cancellations and Refunds

We won't settle for anything less than 100% satisfaction for our pupils! Therefore if you have to cancel you lesson or have another issue with your lesson contact us here and we'll get you a replacement lesson sorted out!

Additionally, if there's anything wrong with a product, if you've received the wrong item or you've just decided you don't want the product since purchasing it, we will refund you for it, 100%.

For a replacement lesson, pupil cancelled lessons must be cancelled with 48 hours notice unless extraordinary circumstances exist. Refunds are only fulfilled when a product is faulty or returned without damage or wear. See our full refund and cancellations policy here.


What is the format of your lessons?

Our lessons fall into one of 2 groups. 40 minute lessons and 60 minutes lessons. Of these we create a unique lesson plan for evey pupil. Our mentors will make sure there is time for warming up, technical exercises (e.g. scales), practicing pieces and anything else the pupil we need to cover. We also strive to mix fun activities into our lessons, especially for our younger learners! 

For more information take a look at our More Info or Tips Corner sections. Alternative contact us here.

How will my mentor contact me

Once you book a lesson with one of our great Mentors they'll send you a text message or email confirming the details of your lesson. If you have any questions about your lesson ask your mentor through the contact details they provide you or contact Penguin Instrumentors here.

Do you teach adults?

Of course! At Penguin Instrumentors we are very happy with all ages. Our lessons are tailored to the individual pupil and not generic age group!

We firmly believe learning an instrument shouldn't be reserved for the young but should be readily embraced by everyone. There is no age limit on creativity so why should there an age limit on learning music?

Where do I buy instruments?

There are a multitude of instrument vendors, both brand new and pre-loved, in every city around the country. Simply head to your preferred search engine or other directory.

Additionally, keep an eye on our blog! We'll be adding more and more posts which could prove useful in your search for instruments. The Tipbook Instrument Guides we provide also contain great instrument buying guides to help you find the instrument that's right for you! 


How will I know about Penguin Instrumentors events in my area?

We'll send regular emails keeping you up-to-date on all of our local events. Additionally your mentor will talk to you about the events and participation.

We will also mention events throughout social media so keep an eye out for our tweets and posts.

If you're worried about missing out then don't hesitate to contact us here!

How can I contact Penguin Instrumentors?

We've made sure that contacting Penguin Instrumentors is as easy as possible! Either fill in our contact form here or send us an email at AskUs@PenguinInstrumentors.com 

Once you've found yourself a Mentor and started lessons, the Mentor can act as an additional point of contact. 

Do you run background checks on your mentors?

Yes! We screen all of our potential Mentors when they enroll and commit to further annual DBS (formerly CRB) criminal record checks.

We put security and safety at the top of our priorities to ensure our pupils comfort and happiness. 


01273 83 95 90     AskUs@PenguinInstrumentors.com.      197 Dyke Road, Hove, BN3 1TL

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