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Practice is a vital part of achieving proficiency in an instrument and we have put together a few thoughts of how you can help and encourage your child to put the time into music.


Start small 

The best way to practice is by beginning small and building up over time. At the start each practice session could be as little as 10 to 15 minutes – just make sure that practice is daily. Don’t forget that music should always be enjoyable and never a chore so try and make it fun and recognise progress!

Plan it!

We have developed our Practice Planners in order to help our pupils get the most out of their practice time. With colour coded sticky notes these books can be a great tool in planning out what to practice, for how long to practice and when to practice with your Mentor.

Reward practice

Rewards don’t have to be a grand gesture nor a physical treat. Just acknowledging progress helps build a feeling of accomplishment and achievement, and that feels great! Just a few words such as “That sounds great today” or “you really played that middle section well – fantastic!” go a long way towards building confidence and cementing a love affair with music.

Sit with you child

If your child is struggling with practice sit with them and ask them to talk to you about what they are learning or to play an example. It does not matter if you don’t understand what they are doing – just the process of talking things through can help unravel a problem or help identify an issue that should be talked through with the mentor during the next lesson.  



As our Penguin Instrumentors lesson guide explains, we offer 2 different lesson durations. These are 40 minute lessons and 60 minute lessons.


We recommend that pupils under 12 are best suited to 40 minute lessons whereas pupils 12+ are better suited to the longer, 60 minutes format.

The main reasons for this split is mental fatigue (tiredness) and therefore attention span. Studies have shown (and many have experienced) that the younger among us find it difficult to concentrate for extended periods of time and after a certain time threshold they will struggle to concentrate and retain knowledge.

Additionally pupils who have been studying an instrument longer will have more activities to fit into their lessons (scales, sight reading, theory, more complex pieces etc.) and therefore will require more time per lesson to study the material.

At Penguin Instrumentors we believe that the key to success is enjoying what you do and that part of that comes from being recognized for progress made no matter how big nor how small.

That is why we have developed our weekly instruStars showcase where we acknowledge and congratulate our pupil’s achievements by mentions on our website and social media posts. By using first names only and the city/ town of residence we both protect everyone’s privacy whilst at the same time highlighting individual achievements and recognizing talent. Whether it be passing a grade exam, performing in one of our Penguin Concerts, shining in a lesson, mastering a new technique or even over coming an obstacle, we want to recognize and applaud our pupils achievement and make sure that each and everyone knows that they are valued and supported.

We will be talking to our mentors and keeping an eye out on all our successes but if you have seen something and want to nominate someone as a weekly instruStar please don’t hesitate to tell us by clicking on our contact page or through our social media sites found at the top and bottom of every page!


We can also provide personalised certificates to reward your child. Please contact us to learn more! 


One of the most important aspects of music is sharing! As one of our community outreach schemes Penguin Instrumentors hosts many complimentary recitals for our pupils all over the country. 

These concerts are completely complimentary and are great opportunities for your child to showcase their fantastic talents and make new friends through sharing music

Our selection of Starter packs include a hand picked selection of the best tools available to the fledgling musician! The Starter Pack includes a music book to match your instrument, instrument tip book and much more. Plus it's absolutely free when you buy your second lesson!


Take a look below for more information on our unique starting kits.



If you're wondering what more you could do to help your children in their music lessons check out the Parents Survival Guide to Music Lessons! These books are also part of our starter packs available when you purchase your second lesson! Also, keep an eye on our blog as there is bound to be posts that can give you extra advice on helping you child.

If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to contact us!


Our range of Tipbook instrument guides are included in our free starter packs. These books come highly recommended and contain a fountain of knowledge and handy hints about your instrument.

However if you're seeking alternative information we have a number of tips on Pinterest and we're constantly developing our blog to help answer any questions you might have.

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